So…I should eat baked oatmeal?

So…in all my many years of being overweight, I’ve learned a lot.  I believe that I know ALL there is to know about losing weight.  For me, it’s about practical application and committing to the lifestyle change.  Either that, or someone needs to destroy every sweet thing on the planet!

One thing I’ve always heard is to eat “baked not fried”.  Everyone jumped onto this band wagon and all of a sudden my favorite chips were now being sold baked.  Alright.  Me being the wordsmith I am, yeah…of course I’d twist it.  I was doing GREAT because all of my favorite things to eat were baked!  Cakes, cookies, pies, doughnuts, and my favorite..baked oatmeal with raisins!  Oh…that’s an oatmeal raisin cookie!  Now… I knew good and well that’s not what they meant but no one ever said they were not talking about it.  So yes, as ignorant as that sounds, I actually at one time thought I was alright…yeah…

My body type is “endomorph” which means I have to REALLY work to lose weight and keep weight off.  I get started, and am doing great, then suddenly….um…well…10 pounds up and 6 months later, I’m off my plan.  I’ve tried it all.  Atkins, South Beach, eating for my body type, cabbage soup, B12 shots, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers…umm…yeah..all of them.  The only thing I HAVEN’T done is like those programs where they send you the food.  Mostly, it’s because that is too expensive.  The other reason is that when I enter my weight on these websites I get the wonderful message, “please consult your doctor before beginning any kind of weight loss program”.  Well I already know what my doctor is gonna say…she’s gonna say, “I sell a wonderful product…” I really can’t stand her and I’m in the market for a new doctor.

One of the problems I have is over consuming sugar.   Like I said above, I love sweet things.  Not having them is pure torture.  I crave, crave, CRAVE sweet things!  So, it would be wise for me to avoid them all together.  I usually am fine doing that, then something happens and I go somewhere!  Today, I went to the leasing office in my apartment complex.  Usually they have the little tray of hard candies on the desk and that’s easy enough to avoid.  But today…she had the nerve to have a large dish with CHOCOLATE in it!  Then..she cussed me out…she said..” yourself!”…why you tell a fat girl that?  *sigh*….Unfortunately, I took her up on her offer.  That ruined my day… was ruined before that because I didn’t eat breakfast…bad..bad bad!  I KNOW!  I’m working on it!

I have learned FINALLY that the kind of food you eat is very important.  The pyramid isn’t QUITE right…well, not for me anyway.  The base of my pyramid should be fresh fruits and veggies.  I absolutely love some of them, but the problem for me is making sure to have them available at the right times.  So, I try my best to include these items at every meal.  The one thing I try to avoid is fast food.  Yes, there are choices you can make at each restaurant for when you have to eat something from one of them, but what’s the point of going to McDonald’s if you’re going to get something healthy?!  BRING ON THE GREASY!  (okay..not really…) but it’s hard to eat a salad while you’re driving down the interstate.  That’s the whole point of fast food for me.  Anyway, I’m making an effort here and will limit my visits to those kinds of restaurants.  The point is to improve the quality of my eating…there’s no point in exercising if I’m not going to eat right.

The thing that really works for me is having a well balanced nutrition plan and exercising…lots of exercising.  For ME…it is imperative to write down what I eat especially when I have a bad day of eating.  That way, I know where I went wrong and can fix it to make it better the next time.   One of the tools I use that is especially helpful is  What I love about that page is that it doesn’t try to sell you a diet or a plan of anything.  You go to the page, put in your weight, and what your goals are.  You can use suggested meal plans.  It has the best of every thing.  The best part about it…it’s FREE!  So, I’m going to track my meals.  That’s my new plan.  Thank you for starting this journey with me. didn’t know?  Yeah, you’ve just become my new accountability partner!  So, there!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata!


4 thoughts on “So…I should eat baked oatmeal?

  1. Can I be the kind of accountability partner that will slap food out of your hands? Logistically, that would be difficult since we are thousands of miles apart but, you have an active imagination, so imagine my little 5’0 self running up on you and smacking doughnuts out of your hands. See it? Good.

    • lol…I love it Keleigh…but…umm…yeah..if it’s baked oatmeal with raisins..(gooooood soft…oatmeal raisin cookies that is…)…I’m subject to bite your hand…or at the very least catch the falling pieces!

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