So…Janet Jackson’s Principles For A Perfect Workout

So…I get this email from like all the time. I NEVER OPEN IT! Um…’scuse me! Kimyatta?! WHY DID YOU SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WEREN’T GONNA READ! I suppose for such a time as this…

I love Janet Jackson! That chick can move! I get tired just watching her…*sigh*…ANYWAY…from this article I am most interested in the part about varying the workouts. One of the things I remember most when I was on a role losing weight is the variety of the workouts. We RARELY did the same thing twice in a week. I remember one time, the whole workout was 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, and 10 pushups. REPEAT! WE did that for like AN HOUR! (no exaggeration…). That was a day I sincerely wanted to quit.’s where I am now…I haven’t figured out how to VARY my workouts. I’m kinda limited to walking right now. I walk around my apartment complex or the dance studio parking lot…but that’s about as much variety as I get. I could go to the park, but yeah, I want to do something OTHER than walking. SO…I’ll have to keep searching..until I find something that will be different and doable! Enjoy this article.

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


6 thoughts on “So…Janet Jackson’s Principles For A Perfect Workout

  1. Varying your workout at home…do you have music? Yes. Do you have internet? Yes.

    Ok, you can do jumping jacks, leg lifts, squats, push ups.

    You can pull up Zumba videos on YouTube.

    You can do the wobble for 30 min then Cupid shuffle for 30 min. Let’s not forget the Biker Shuffle and Bus Stop.

    Dance, Dance, Dance…shake that booty!

    • Thanks Sunshine! 😀 Don’t know about the jumping jacks yet…umm…er..umm…yeah..but I will try the booty shaking! Maybe I’ll watch a couple of Janet or Beyonce’ videos….and copy them!

      • Yes, do that. Get You Bodied is a great one to dance to. Even when I’m walking listening to Luke, TI, C & C Music Factory…those songs give me an extra push.

        I’m thinking of getting a mini trampoline to do jumping jacks at home. Less pressure on my knee.

      • hmmm…that’s a thought..maybe I need to put Get Me Bodied on repeat….I have a play list..first song is Declaration (This Is It) by Kirk Franklin….This is the Day by Fred Hammond is Also on there…

  2. My sis alternates zumba with Jillian Michaels dvds. But really any 2 or 3 systems will give you the variety you crave. Me &the kids have a dance hour once a week. If anyone sits down or stops moving, we add 5 more minutes to the time. We like group stuff like Just Dance (xbox kinect), zumba…. Keeps it fun for everyone.

    • You know..I forgot about Just Dance…we’ve got four of them suckas! lol…I have a few Leslie Sansone…but I’m not up to speed on those yet…and Zumba…yeah….you’re asking me to pass out on the floor… a few months…

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