So…Balanced Nutrition is HARD!

So…I’ve attended a counseling session for diabetes education.  Let me first say that every question I had and some I didn’t have or KNOW to ask was answered.  If my former physician, Dr. Her, could have given me even a quarter of the information I received that day, I would have been in a better place for making a plan to eat better.

After the session, I finally went grocery shopping…without a list…bad idea!  I get into the Publix and gosh darn it doo hickey to heck!  They have Entenmann’s doughnuts on sale!  They were buy one, get one free!  SERIOUSLY?!  This is the first thing I see when I walk into the store.  I fight and fight the urge and walk past them.  Every sweet treat I could EVER want was on sale as a BOGO in the Publix.  It’s like they were taunting me.  They said, “hi!  Buy me!  BUY ME!”  The next day, when I dropped my daughter off at her summer program, the person checking her in was eating a doughnut and said, “Go by Dunkin Donuts and get you a coffee.  They will give you a free doughnut!”  Umm…no thanks.  It was National Doughnut Day…and apparently every doughnut joint was giving away free doughnuts as told on Facebook.  Good grief Charlie Brown!  Can I get a break!  UGH!  (no..I didn’t go get a free doughnut from anywhere!  Yay me!)

While balanced nutrition means that no food is off limits, but moderation is the key, for me and my journey, that is not the case.  If I buy cupcakes, cookies, cakes, candies and pies, it is a recipe for disaster!  In my mind, I think, “yes, I can have just one serving.”  While this is true, it usually turns into one serving at a time, and another one and another one, then “OH MY GOD I ATE THEM ALL!”  For me, there’s no such thing as moderation for those kinds of things.  I have to just make a different choice.  That’s why I reblogged the post from Black Doctor about how to sooth your cravings.  For me, it’s about making better choices.  Only problem is…I don’t crave crunchy or sweet or chewy…I’m usually very specific…like..I’m craving Ben and Jerry’s Everything But the…*sigh*….I think I can..I think I can…I think I can…

Reading labels is going to be the most time consuming part of my grocery shopping experience for awhile.  Am I discouraged?  No.  I am just going to have to make a concentrated effort to PLAN my shopping.  In the grocery story, I went for my old staple of turkey bacon and really wanted some regular bacon.  I decided to pick up both of them and compare the labels.  I was VERY surprised to find that they are both about the same nutritionally.  The turkey bacon had twice the sodium!  Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss recently posted an article on whether or not turkey bacon is a better alternative.  I actually read this AFTER I did my grocery shopping, but hey…guess I’m smarter than the average bear…

The point is, I have to make decisions.  True, I can eat whatever I want.  I have to decide though is it going to be better for me?  One blogger I read said that before he eats anything, he asks himself, “Is this going to improve my life?”  Well, it’s not THAT serious for me, but I will ask myself if I’m going to regret having eaten whatever it is.  The other thing is to not have those things that are difficult for me to have in moderation in ready supply at the house.  I once read someone who said that she doesn’t keep any processed foods in the house.  She said if she wants cookies and has not the time to make them, then she can’t have them.  Well, I have learned how to bake to fill that craving, but now, I have to find better recipes for more suitable alternatives.  Until then, I will not be baking any sweet treats, but I will make some fruit popscicles.  Aside from that, I’ll just have to find new favorites.  Twenty four chocolate covered raisins is 96 calories…hmm…just a thought.

Ah well.  I’m figuring it out.  I just have to not give up.  So…I won’t!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


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