So…what are you reading?

So…anyone who KNOWS me knows me…KNOWS that 9 times out of ten, my preferred activity involves my nose in a book. I love, love, LOVE reading! For those that don’t know or didn’t know that about me, you can read here how it all started. I prefer fiction because it allows me an escape. I have been to all kinds of places in my reading. The authors I read are experts at taking me wherever it is I go.

My favorite genres to read are probably Christian fiction and contemporary fiction. These are usually modern day tales and are easy to find. This is the majority of my book collection. Authors include Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Daphine Glenn Robinson, Vanessa Davis Griggs, Marilynn Griffith, Victoria Christopher Murray, and Lutishia Lovely. For these six ladies, I’ve either read all or own all of their books (sometimes both). There are lots of other authors I love to read, but I’d go crazy trying to name them all.

I also love historical fiction with a special place in my heart for the 1800s! I have no clue why…but I do. I once read two four books-series by Michael Phillips The Shenandoah Sisters and Carolina Cousins. They began amidst the Civil War. Two young girls, one the daughter of a plantation owner and the other a slave from a neighboring plantation are both orphaned when their plantations are raided by rebels. They find each other and have to learn how to live a “normal” life. Very interesting stories. I also just read my first historical romance. It’s Vivid by Beverly Jenkins. Oh my…I absolutely loved it! I have a few more of hers to read. I’m very excited.

Once upon a time, I loved horror/thrillers. I used to read lots of Mary Higgins Clark (though I’m not sure she’s in that category) Dean Koontz and John Saul. On my high school senior trip, I took Monster by John Saul. I honestly can’t remember what it was about, but it was such a good read, I got hooked on John Saul and eventually owned everything he’d written from the year I was born until whatever the current year was. The last book I read by him until 1999’s Right Hand of Evil. I read that when I was pregnant with The Girl…and um…yeah, it scared the begeezus out of me and I haven’t read him since! I once read a Stephen King book…and well…it scared the whosiswhatsis (which is different and MUCH worse than the begeezus) out of me and I haven’t read ANYTHING else by him. I like going places in my reading, but if it’s going to cause me to have nightmares…yeah…I’m good.

I had always avoided romance novels. You know…the traditional ones found at the checkout in the grocery stores. I remember sneaking to read my aunt’s Harelequin stash when I was a preteen. I think back to those books and laugh at the language I remember. It was so mild compared to what’s in some of the newer romances. I am being more open to romance novels…but it has to be a gooooooooooood story. It’s going slow…but I’m working on it.

Now, I don’t read erotica much. I mean, some books I read aren’t “classified” as erotica but are so daggum steamy and filled with umm…well…stuff..that they might as well be. Some of the scenes are so explicit, I might as well be watching one of those videos that used to be in the room behind the curtain at Blockbuster. Yes, I’m a grown up. Yes, I know what’s going on. However, I’m a single girl…trying to stay saved…and while I don’t have a problem with other folks doing what they do, I know that the less I tempt myself, the less problems I’ll have…know what I mean? I was once blessed with a gift of a certain famous trilogy that was supposed to be oh so wonderful. I was sad to say that it was not a great read. I always wonder if I’ve ever met a book I didn’t like. Then I realize, I have…especially when I think about that trilogy. I read the first one. I realized about the 3rd chapter that it just got a lot of hype some kind of way which made it so friggin’ popular. I kept reading trying to make sure I understood what the hype was about. I FOUGHT to get to the end of the book. I couldn’t stomach reading the second one. It just insulted my intelligence.

That is one of the reasons I don’t usually do the big name stuff. If it’s something that everyone is talking about, I’m not interested usually. So many people hype it up then when I get involved, I’m in for a big let down it seems. I’ve yet to read the Harry Potter series. I’m sure they are great books but I’m cool. Maybe when I’m old and gray. I haven’t seen the movies either. Now I DID read the Twilight series…and it was only after a friend begged me to read it four years after it was popular! After I read the books, I wanted to see the movies because I was unfortunately obsessed with Edward and Bella. I enjoyed them and have read them more than once. I also read The Hunger Games series. My daughter begged me to read that one with her because they were talking about it at school and she wanted to see the movie when it came out. They started talking about the movie a FULL YEAR before the release, so we read it. I finished the series and she is still reading the second one. (I told y’all she don’t like to read!)

Anyway, I’m doing a reading challenge. I’ve set a goal for the year and am doing pretty good considering I didn’t set my goal until May…like I said…I’m doing pretty good…I mean, I’ve been reading all year, but I set my goal and it’s kinda low…but I set it there…with writing in mind. Though I’m a reader…I must right. Benjamin and Fontana’s story HAS to be told! With that being said, I bid you adieu.

So…the next time you’re in a restaurant and you see a lady in a booth with her face in a book and her fork suspended mid air…it could be her new diet plan…”Read don’t eat!”

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


7 thoughts on “So…what are you reading?

  1. I am reading the Dean Koontz Odd Thomas books now – I hadn’t read him in years. But this is bringing back the reason I loved him then. I hear there is talk of an Odd Thomas movie…..

    • Oooh..I only read a few of his…Intensity was the first one I read…I was intrigued and drawn in by the cover…I haven’t read many of them though…but I liked him…

  2. You gave the best description of yourself ever. This is truly truly who you are. My kid and you will probably be the best of friends!

  3. Awww, she mentioned meeee! Thanks for supporting me.

    “I don’t usually do the big name stuff. If it’s something that everyone is talking about, I’m not interested usually. So many people hype it up then when I get involved, I’m in for a big let down it seems.” –So it’s not just me? I usually don’t jump on bandwagon books either. The best gems I find by happenstance.

    Keep writing!

    • EXACTLY! That’s always me…I come across it later and go..”ooh..this is good!” but don’t get caught up in the “Team this” for the moment that something is popular. Like, Waiting to Exhale, I’d read it 7 times before they ever talked about making it into a movie. Then when they did, I was ticked off! lol I was really taken aback when I saw that book in the store with the movie cover….just mad…

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