So…Tyora Moody is in Deep Fried Trouble!

EP Book Tour
Okay..not really…she’s not in it…but she wrote it! Welcome to Day 3 of the Deep Fried Trouble Blog Tour!
Please welcome Tyora Moody!

SSK: Hi Tyora! Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to be a part of your blog tour!

TM: Thanks for having me on your blog, Kimyatta!

SSK: First, I’d like you to tell us a little bit about Deep Fried Trouble.

TM: Sure, here is a synopsis:

Widowed and officially retired, EUGEENA PATTERSON throws herself into organizing the neighborhood association. This presents a great opportunity to re-connect with old friends and get to know new neighbors like recently widowed Amos Jones, that is until Eugeena stumbles upon her estranged neighbor’s dead body. Eugeena’s daughter is fingered as a prime suspect, but where is she?
Determined to find her missing daughter, Eugeena and Amos sort through a list of neighbors with shady or unknown backgrounds. The more she searches, the more Eugeena becomes unsure about this neighborhood association idea. Someone closer than Eugeena thinks, wants to keep it that way.

SSK: This book was completely AWESOME! I absolutely loved Eugeena. I’m glad there’s more to find out here. Did you start out planning this to be a series or did it just happen?

TM: I’m so glad you loved this character. By the time I finished writing Deep Fried Trouble, there were so many stories that were left open-ended, I figured there were a lot more stories to tell.

SSK: How did you get the idea for this kind of book? Do you read a lot of them?

TM: Eugeena popped up during my journal writing back in 2008. I picture her having an a very animated conversation with a friend in a nursing home. I didn’t know at the time, but the scene would be the start of a book. In fact this scene will show up in the second Eugeena Patterson book. Deep Fried Trouble is considered a cozy mystery and there are quite a few authors I like in this genre. Agatha Christie is probably the queen of this genre.

SSK: Tell us about some of your other books.

TM: I have written romantic suspense books that are apart of a series called the Victory Gospel Series. Those books are When Rain Falls and When Memories Fade.

SSK: How can readers connect with you?

TM: The best way is to start with my website, You can find links to all my social media profiles/pages.

SSK: What kind of books do you like to read? What’s the last book you read?

TM: For fiction, I tend to read mostly mystery, suspense and thrillers. I’m currently reading R is for Ricochet, which is a part of the Kinsey Millhone series by Sue Grafton.

SSK: You also have a web business. Tell us a little more about that.

TM: Yes, thanks for the opportunity! I consider myself a literary-focused entrepreneur. Since 1999, I have assisted countless authors with developing an online presence via my company, Some of my popular services include virtual book tours, book trailers and book covers.

SSK: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

TM: Stay tuned to for the third and final book of the Victory Gospel Series. When Perfection Fails will be released in March 2014. I hope to release another Eugeena book in 2014 too.

SSK: And there you have it! You can check out my review of Deep Fried Trouble here. Pick up your copy wherever books are sold!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata

So…it’s your birthday!

So…it’s your birthday!

So…my mom has three kids.  I’m the oldest with a sister two years younger than me and a brother three years younger than her.  I don’t remember her coming home from the hospital.  I don’t remember my mother’s pregnancy or anything of that nature.  I just remember having a sister!  When we were little, I remember her calling me “car”…she’ll deny it, but I know what I remember!

Growing up, we shared a room.  I always had a built in companion whether I wanted her or not.  For the longest time, my mom dressed us alike.  Even though I’m dark and she’s light, and I was taller and fat and she was short and slim, folks always asked, “y’all twins?”  (dumb stuff! lol.)  We walked to school together and played outside together.  When she wanted to play Barbie, I usually obliged even though as I got older, I wanted to read instead.

It wasn’t always peaches and cream though!  We fought!  Not like the foolishness you see between sisters nowadays, but we had our moments.  I’d get mad because she always wanted to be around me (or so I thought).  She tagged along with me when I went do things with a friend or she bugged me when I wanted to read.  Our biggest fights came when I was 11 and I won a brand new Nintendo video game.  I always got to be Mario because it was MY GAME!  She had to be Luigi.  I would take forever on the game because I was good at it.  She hardly got to play when it we were given time to play.

Anyway, that’s all past.  Even though she became “the girl in the backseat” when we were in high school and sometimes I resented her, I’m grateful to have had a sister.  I think about The Girl because she’s an only child.  I feel sorry for her!  I always had a friend by default!  Even though back then, I never considered her my friend.  She was “just my sister” to anyone who asked.  I later found out that she admired me!  WHAT?  ME?!  She once told me that the only reason she joined the band in school was because I did.  She wanted to be like me.  I can’t imagine!  REALLY?  She also told me that she believed that I knew everything…(that probably has more to do with me acting like a know it all though…lol..).

It has taken all these years for me to know that my sister is really one of my best friend.  She gives it to me straight especially when everyone else sugarcoats stuff.  I don’t want to hear it sometimes, but she will tell me whether I want to hear it or not.  In the last few years, we’ve grown closer as I’ve met different challenges.  She is the one there reminding me who God is…and what He can do…somehow, she turned into the big sister.  She is the best aunt this side of creation.  My daughter absolutely adores her and I think The Girl forgets that my sister is an adult too!  She is very open and they are really close.  As I am a single parent, I’m grateful for my sister as a member of my village.  Together, we can do this.

I said all that to say, that today is her birthday!  She is much more private than I am, so I’m not posting her name or photos.  The featured image above is a button from Disney World.  In the last 12 years, we’ve taken several trips to Disney World.  It’s usually around her birthday but it’s always to celebrate all of our birthdays…according to my mom.  So, she gets a button and gets to wear it around the park.  So, that’s my tribute to you sister.  Know that I love you and I’m grateful for all the growing you’ve helped me to do.  You rock!

Love you bunches!  Well…more than that actually, but umm…I don’t know another word! So, happy birthday and even though we’re not in Disney World…I hope your day is fantasmagorical!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata

So…dinner is boring!

So…dinner is boring!

Conversation with The Girl

The Girl:  Mom, what’s for dinner?

Me:  Chicken and Rice…

The Girl:  Again?

So…of course, I get the screw face!  Girl!  I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got!  So…what you’re saying is that you’re tired of chicken and rice?  *sigh*  UGH!  Part of me wants to call her ungrateful because there are lots of kids who would KILL for chicken and rice…then…I figure…she’s bored with it..simply BORED…unfortunately, I don’t know what else to cook!

Chicken is inexpensive as is rice!  I try to change up the recipes!  I really do.  What’s funny though, is if we had “Chinese food”…CHICKEN AND RICE nightly…there’d be no complaint…only my kid I tell ya.  I guess since it’s sweet chicken and fried rice, she’s alright.  *sigh*  Can I protest?  What if I protest and say I’m not cooking that she has to fend for herself?  Will that make me a bad mom?  I mean, if what I cook isn’t appreciated, shouldn’t I just stop?  Then I’d have to let her cook because there are no convenience foods in the house…like chicken nuggets or hot pockets or anything like that…so, she’d have to unthaw the chicken or ground turkey…and cook the rice or pasta or beans…that’ll show her right?


Punk.  Alright FINE…I’ll keep looking for different recipes but she better learn…be grateful for what you have.  It could be worse.  We could be eating beans and white bread.  Maybe I should help her see how much worse it could be…maybe we won’t eat for a week!  Oh…wait..that’d be bad…then they’d call the folks on me for real!  Alright…alright!  ALRIGHT!  I’ll cook.  I’ll let her have the option.  You can either eat it or not.  Then, it can’t be said I didn’t feed her.

Then, the daggum television commercials don’t help!  Do you know that at every commercial break, 75% of the commercials are food commercials?  Dude seriously?  Cakes, cookies, pies, pizzas, burgers, fries, yogurt, pistachios…UGH!  So much focus on food!  On this weight loss journey, I think a lot about food.  I used to think of that as a bad thing like…I was obsessed with food, but it’s not that.  I just have to plan food so that I can make good choices.   I try to do that for her…but it’s alright…she’ll thank me for it later…

I do see why it’s been said that watching television is not good if you’re trying to lose weight.  I’m watching The Golden Girls and of course they are sitting in the daggum kitchen around a chocolate cake and slicing it and sharing it and that did not HELP ME!  UGH!  Okay, I have to reprogram my brain if I insist on watching television.  The other option is to stop watching television all together.  Yeah.  That’ll do it!

I’ll figure out something.  In the meantime, the next time you’re watching television, and can fast forward through the commercials, do that.  At least you won’t wreck your diet by ordering, pizza, Snicker’s and soda.

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata




So…Jamesina Greene!

So…Jamesina Greene!

So…being a part of The Motherhood Diaries collaboration has let me meet some REALLY great people.  Another one of the wonderful ladies in the project is Ms. Jamesina Greene!

Hi Jamee!  Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed on So Says Kimyatta!

SSK:  Tell us a little bit about your chapter in The Motherhood Diaries.

JG:  My chapter in The Motherhood Diaries is called The Diary of a Depressed Mother.  It gives a brief insight into my life long battle with Depression and how it affected my relationships, especially with my sons.  Because I was always in a place of unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled, I often did not know how to show the love for my sons that I felt on the inside.  While they gave my life purpose, I was not in a good place and most likely did not show them how much I loved them on a regular basis.

SSK:  You were an other before MD too.  Tell us about some of your titles.
JG:  In addition to my contribution to The Motherhood Diaries, I have self-published five books.  Each of these books share my personal journey to healing and wholeness at various levels.  My first book, “Help, I Don’t Like Myself!” details my hospitalization for Depressions and Anxiety Disorders and how that experience pushed me to be honest and to face the demons that I was previously ignoring.  I learned that suffering in silence was not necessary and I share this story to help others come to the same understanding.

SSK:  Wow.  I know that is some story.  In the short time I’ve known you, you’ve encouraged me so much, so I know that your book is one that must be powerful.  You use your voice to inspire others.  I love that you talk about voices often on your blog and your radio show Jamee.  I’m always inspired.  Tell us a little about your business endeavors.

JG:  It is my belief that not only do we HAVE a Voice, but we ARE a Voice.  I believe that everything we say and DO, speaks.  Your very presence speaks and represents your Voice.  Currently, I have three businesses:  Jami Greene Ministries, Inc., Destne Enterprises and A Mother’s Cry.  All of these endeavors provide a forum where individuals are shown that they are unique and loved just as they are.  In addition, they are shown how to move forward with their life purpose and to meet their ultimate destiny.  JGM, Inc. is where I use my gifts for ministry purpose through speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.  Destne Enterprises is where I publish my books, write plays and I am in the process of recording my first demo of songs that I have written.  AMC was birthed from my heart to give mothers a place to learn just how important they are as individuals and thereby encourage them to be the best mothers that they can be.

SSK:  Tell us about your voice.  How did you come to love yours and other people’s voices?

JG:  Many people find this hard to believe, but I really did not “find” my Voice until after the deaths of my parents a little over 2 years ago.  The majority of my life, I have been the “echo” of someone else’s voice.  I was identified as someone’s daughter, sister, mother and grandmother.  Recently, I had a Divine revelation and accepted the fact that I have a Voice and I am going to use it.  I use my Voice through my businesses, through my Facebook Groups and Pages, my “I AM a Voice” Blog and my Blog Talk Radio Show, “The Voice of Triumph”.  Honestly, I have many more ideas in my head, prayerfully they will be manifested this year (smile).

SSK:  AWESOME!  Now…taking a note from you, do you think your voice is for a specific audience?  Why or why not?

JG:  Of course AMC is designed to address the needs of mothers, but other than that I do not necessarily believe that I only reach a specific group of people.  I received messages and prayer request all the time from males and females, youth and adults of various ethnic backgrounds that are suffering from the trauma of many types of abuse, etc.  and they are just ecstatic that I am honest and open about my journey. I believe that my story is my gift to the world and I share it boldly.

SSK:  What can we expect in the coming months from you?

JG:  In the coming months, it is my desire to open AMC Chapters nationwide and to take my message of healing and wholeness globally.  I want to travel and share my story with as many people as I can.  I believe that it is my Divine assignment to take my “goods to the marketplace” and so here I go (smile).

SSK:  And from that, I hear, “Go ye therefore into all nations…” Lol…How can readers, fans, and listeners get in touch with you?

JG:  I can be reached through Facebook:  Jamesina Greene; Twitter: msdestne61 and email:

SSK:  Is there anything else you want to share with us?

JG:  I want to let each of your readers know that they are loved and they are special.  We are all of Purpose and we owe it to ourselves and the world to pursue it!

SSK:  And there you have it!  Thanks again Jamee!

Until next time,
Hakuna Matata!
So…what makes you comfortable?

So…what makes you comfortable?

So…there was a lot of talk a week or so ago after the BET Awards.  Actor Meagan Goode wore a dress that umm…well…was a bit much for some of us conservative folks.  Folks had much to say because she recently married a minister and she was presenting in the Gospel Music category.  Now, I expressed my shock, displeasure and perhaps jealousy only because the dress revealed so much.  It’s not something I would have chosen to wear, though, my body is nothing like hers, so, therein lies the problem. (maybe).  When I expressed my opinion, it had nothing to do with her being a pastor’s wife or presenting the category, I just thought a little too much skin was showing.  I remember other folks having the same reaction when Jennifer Lopez wore the infamous green dress years ago at the Grammy’s in 2000.  I was younger then and I think I said, “I don’t see what the problem is…”.  It’s amazing how the years change you.

Around that same time, I was fresh off of on campus life at Mercer University.  Before I left Mercer in 1998, there, in the student union was this lady who was well respected on campus.  Ms. Tee was her name.  She was an older lady and always had something to say about everything.  She gave out unsolicited advice all the time.  One day, I entered the student union with friends and I had on a dress that stopped at my knees.  She told me, in front of all of my friends, “Honey, now you’re just too big to be wearing a dress that short.”  At the time, I remember having hurt feelings and thinking that she had no right to tell me what to wear.  In my opinion, the dress was not short as it came to my knees whereas others of my friends wore dresses and shorts much shorter.  Well, the next day, I decided I would show her!  I wore a dress that stopped mid thigh and was tank style.  She was livid!  The whole day I took special care to parade in front of her so that she could see that I could care less what she thought.  She was NOT the boss of me and that what I wore was none of her business.  She did not say a word, but turned up her nose every time I walked by.

While my head was in the right place, my actions were a little childish.  True, she did not have the right to tell me what to wear.  I wasn’t dressing to please her.  I was doing it for myself.  But, I knew I’d never be able to say the words to her without coming off as disrespectful, so I let my actions do it.  It was still disrespectful though.

Well, now, I’m older, wiser and much more conservative than I was in my early twenties.  I am more about being comfortable these days.  That’s with clothes, shoes, hair, whatever.  I’ll wear sleeveless things and bare legs and not shave.  I’ll cut my hair short when I’m tired of it.  I realized that sometimes, I was doing those things to please other people, and sometimes it was at the expense of my own comfort.  Recently, I’ve had a problem with my feet.  Now that I’m diabetic, it is not recommended that I have pedicures.  Not that I did have them often before, but now that it’s not an option, I’m kinda miffed!  Anyway, one of the medicines I take has caused a reaction that makes the skin on my hands and feet peel!  At one point, I thought I must be turning into a snake because I was shedding so much skin!

Anyway, I moisturize my feet, but that does not change the appearance of the peeling skin.  Most times, I hide my feet because I’m worried about what other people will say.  When I’m going to get The Girl from camp though, I’m usually wearing my favorite Nike flip flops which do not hide my feet.  The other day when I went to pick her up, I noticed two of the camp counselors (one in her early 20s…the other in her late teens) staring at my feet.  One had told the other to look, though I don’t think I noticed because I ignored them.  They were laughing.  While I was signing my daughter out, I was a little miffed because they were laughing at me.  That dude that lives inside my head that the other folks keep tied up in a corner almost got out because I really wanted to kick them on my way out the door.  Then, it dawned on me.  They can think what they want.  They probably laugh at me because I’m fat too.  I’m comfortable, my feet are clean and while they are temporarily not the best looking, they are mine and they work.  Number one, I was comfortable.  That’s all that matters.  So what if it makes someone else uncomfortable.  I guess that’s what Meagan thought too.  She was comfortable so forget y’all! (lol…)

I said all that to say, if you are happy with what you see when you look in the mirror, then yay for you.  When it comes down to it, that’s all that matters.  If you can’t be happy with what you see in the mirror, then change it!  No, you can’t change your skin, but if that’s the root of your displeasure, then honey you need to pray!  Let God teach you about love.  Until you love yourself the way God created you, there’s no hope in you loving anyone else.

So, the next time you see someone wearing something you would not, could not, or should not wear, just know that they are probably not wearing it for you and if they are, feel sorry for them.  They need to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin for themselves!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata

So…Why did Forrest run?

So…Why did Forrest run?

One of my favorite actors is Tom Hanks.  I can watch him in absolutely anything.  My favorite movie of his is Forrest Gump.  You know the story…Forrest is distraught of Jenny’s disappearance…and he jumps up off the porch and starts running.  Later, when Forrest is being interviewed, they ask why is he running.  Surely, he’s running across the country from coast to coast, he must be running for a cause.  Forrest’s reason for running was, “I just felt like running.”  Simple.  That was all.  He just felt like it.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get you started.  You suddenly feel like it.  That’s not to say that you can’t do something when you don’t feel like it, but sometimes, there’s just no defining moment or super motivation to do something other than just wanting to.  That’s where I am with this exercise thing.  I’m glad…because for awhile there…I was stuck on I HAVE to…which made getting up out of bed each morning to exercise such a daunting task.

Funny though, I didn’t realize that it had become, “I just felt like…” until a week or so ago, I went to go wake my work out partner so we could go to the gym…and she was VERY sleepy…ordinarily, I would have used that as an excuse to not go and go back to bed.  That day though, I surprised myself.  I said to her, “alright..if you don’t get up, I’m going without you!”  For a quick minute, I wondered who had said that…lol…but she got up anyway.  I’m glad that I felt that way.  It changed the way my workouts went.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying walking outside…I’ve taken to the hilly path to the shopping center across the street.  It’s been an interesting walking time.  Now, I have to say, if I want to go to Burger King, we can go if we walk, because I walked up there this morning.  I didn’t go to buy anything, but I was out gettin’ my exercise on!  Over the past month, my walking time has increased from 20 minutes to 50 minutes!  That’s exciting because I’m burning more calories!  OH YEAH!

It’s funny…when I walk sometimes, people encourage me on.  I hear strangers say things like, “That’s right girl!”  or “You go girl!”  I’ve even heard people say, “I’m so proud of you…keep it up.”  It helps.  It makes me feel good…then I get ticked of a little…not because they are cheering me on, but because at that moment, it seems as if they assume I’m ready to quit.  No.  I’m working hard…that sweat? Yeah, I’m tired…but I’m pressing on.  I don’t REALLY get mad, but it’s just a fleeting thought.  I usually just smile and wave.  Sometimes, people say things like, “I should be out there with you…”  I always encourage them and say, “Come on!”  One lady wanted me to wait on her while she went and got her shoes.  I told her I’d catch her on may way back.  She wanted me to come knock on her door each morning when I walked.  My thoughts on that was if I give you the time I’m going to walk, why not just be ready and come on and walk.   Anyway, this is my journey not anyone else’s.  I don’t mind having people walk with me but I can’t let someone else’s lack of motivation deter me.

So…I journey on.  I just felt like running.  (well..not running..but you know..walking…)

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata