So…Why did Forrest run?

One of my favorite actors is Tom Hanks.  I can watch him in absolutely anything.  My favorite movie of his is Forrest Gump.  You know the story…Forrest is distraught of Jenny’s disappearance…and he jumps up off the porch and starts running.  Later, when Forrest is being interviewed, they ask why is he running.  Surely, he’s running across the country from coast to coast, he must be running for a cause.  Forrest’s reason for running was, “I just felt like running.”  Simple.  That was all.  He just felt like it.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get you started.  You suddenly feel like it.  That’s not to say that you can’t do something when you don’t feel like it, but sometimes, there’s just no defining moment or super motivation to do something other than just wanting to.  That’s where I am with this exercise thing.  I’m glad…because for awhile there…I was stuck on I HAVE to…which made getting up out of bed each morning to exercise such a daunting task.

Funny though, I didn’t realize that it had become, “I just felt like…” until a week or so ago, I went to go wake my work out partner so we could go to the gym…and she was VERY sleepy…ordinarily, I would have used that as an excuse to not go and go back to bed.  That day though, I surprised myself.  I said to her, “alright..if you don’t get up, I’m going without you!”  For a quick minute, I wondered who had said that…lol…but she got up anyway.  I’m glad that I felt that way.  It changed the way my workouts went.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying walking outside…I’ve taken to the hilly path to the shopping center across the street.  It’s been an interesting walking time.  Now, I have to say, if I want to go to Burger King, we can go if we walk, because I walked up there this morning.  I didn’t go to buy anything, but I was out gettin’ my exercise on!  Over the past month, my walking time has increased from 20 minutes to 50 minutes!  That’s exciting because I’m burning more calories!  OH YEAH!

It’s funny…when I walk sometimes, people encourage me on.  I hear strangers say things like, “That’s right girl!”  or “You go girl!”  I’ve even heard people say, “I’m so proud of you…keep it up.”  It helps.  It makes me feel good…then I get ticked of a little…not because they are cheering me on, but because at that moment, it seems as if they assume I’m ready to quit.  No.  I’m working hard…that sweat? Yeah, I’m tired…but I’m pressing on.  I don’t REALLY get mad, but it’s just a fleeting thought.  I usually just smile and wave.  Sometimes, people say things like, “I should be out there with you…”  I always encourage them and say, “Come on!”  One lady wanted me to wait on her while she went and got her shoes.  I told her I’d catch her on may way back.  She wanted me to come knock on her door each morning when I walked.  My thoughts on that was if I give you the time I’m going to walk, why not just be ready and come on and walk.   Anyway, this is my journey not anyone else’s.  I don’t mind having people walk with me but I can’t let someone else’s lack of motivation deter me.

So…I journey on.  I just felt like running.  (well..not running..but you know..walking…)

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


4 thoughts on “So…Why did Forrest run?

  1. I had my “I just felt like it” moment recently. After class, I usually just sit and wait for my ride. One day I looked at Darton’s walking track and said “Why not?” Now I walk every day before leaving campus. It feels much better when I work out on my own terms.

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