So…it’s your birthday!

So…my mom has three kids.  I’m the oldest with a sister two years younger than me and a brother three years younger than her.  I don’t remember her coming home from the hospital.  I don’t remember my mother’s pregnancy or anything of that nature.  I just remember having a sister!  When we were little, I remember her calling me “car”…she’ll deny it, but I know what I remember!

Growing up, we shared a room.  I always had a built in companion whether I wanted her or not.  For the longest time, my mom dressed us alike.  Even though I’m dark and she’s light, and I was taller and fat and she was short and slim, folks always asked, “y’all twins?”  (dumb stuff! lol.)  We walked to school together and played outside together.  When she wanted to play Barbie, I usually obliged even though as I got older, I wanted to read instead.

It wasn’t always peaches and cream though!  We fought!  Not like the foolishness you see between sisters nowadays, but we had our moments.  I’d get mad because she always wanted to be around me (or so I thought).  She tagged along with me when I went do things with a friend or she bugged me when I wanted to read.  Our biggest fights came when I was 11 and I won a brand new Nintendo video game.  I always got to be Mario because it was MY GAME!  She had to be Luigi.  I would take forever on the game because I was good at it.  She hardly got to play when it we were given time to play.

Anyway, that’s all past.  Even though she became “the girl in the backseat” when we were in high school and sometimes I resented her, I’m grateful to have had a sister.  I think about The Girl because she’s an only child.  I feel sorry for her!  I always had a friend by default!  Even though back then, I never considered her my friend.  She was “just my sister” to anyone who asked.  I later found out that she admired me!  WHAT?  ME?!  She once told me that the only reason she joined the band in school was because I did.  She wanted to be like me.  I can’t imagine!  REALLY?  She also told me that she believed that I knew everything…(that probably has more to do with me acting like a know it all though…lol..).

It has taken all these years for me to know that my sister is really one of my best friend.  She gives it to me straight especially when everyone else sugarcoats stuff.  I don’t want to hear it sometimes, but she will tell me whether I want to hear it or not.  In the last few years, we’ve grown closer as I’ve met different challenges.  She is the one there reminding me who God is…and what He can do…somehow, she turned into the big sister.  She is the best aunt this side of creation.  My daughter absolutely adores her and I think The Girl forgets that my sister is an adult too!  She is very open and they are really close.  As I am a single parent, I’m grateful for my sister as a member of my village.  Together, we can do this.

I said all that to say, that today is her birthday!  She is much more private than I am, so I’m not posting her name or photos.  The featured image above is a button from Disney World.  In the last 12 years, we’ve taken several trips to Disney World.  It’s usually around her birthday but it’s always to celebrate all of our birthdays…according to my mom.  So, she gets a button and gets to wear it around the park.  So, that’s my tribute to you sister.  Know that I love you and I’m grateful for all the growing you’ve helped me to do.  You rock!

Love you bunches!  Well…more than that actually, but umm…I don’t know another word! So, happy birthday and even though we’re not in Disney World…I hope your day is fantasmagorical!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


3 thoughts on “So…it’s your birthday!

  1. Wish I could insert my comments at the exact location within text so you would know when I BOL or teared up…Car? Really? Lol! Anyway, very sweet post. Happy Birthday Sister!!!

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