So…Marissa…You’ve Got It Bad!

Today on So Says Kimyatta…The fabulous…Marissa Monteilh (pronounced Mon-Tay)!  Welcome!

SSK:  Thanks for allowing So Says Kimyatta to be a participant in this blog tour!  I’m so excited to have you Marissa!
Let’s jump right in…shall we?  Tell us a little bit about You’ve Got it Bad. 

MM:  The good doctor, Dr. Makkai Worthy, returns as Dr. Feelgood in the steamy sequel of a handsome, popular heart surgeon who repairs hearts in his professional life, yet breaks them in his personal life.

Dr. Makkai Worthy is a playboy from the heart and a chip off the old rolling-stone block, as his father has more children than he can even name. Makkai’s daughter, Fonda, is now five-years old and soon will be looking to her father to show her by example how a male should cherish a female. Mary Jane Cherry and Dr. Lois Taylor keep Makkai’s playboy plate full, along with a few new characters. One sequence of dramatic events leads to another, and if Makkai plans to save himself, he’ll need to break the generational curses that bind and face some unexpected truths. Will his love of women continue to rule his world, or will he break all the rules and prove to himself that having it bad, ain’t good?

SSK:  I’m sure there are some surprises in store.  This book takes place after five years have passed.  I have to wonder, has the good doctor changed any in that time?

MM:  You are so very correct in that there are surprises and changes in this sequel, and I will admit that the good doctor and Mary Jane have broken up and he is back to his old ways. Question is, will he ever learn? That remains to be seen.
SSK:  Do you foresee any other characters in the book having their own books?  I have to admit that Monday has me a little rattled.  I want to know more about what’s going on in her life!

MM:  I don’t see any other characters having their own books, even though there is one certain Imposter character who has been campaigning for some attention on my Facebook Author Page, and I’m thinking perhaps this character is trying to get his or her own book. Interesting! But it’ll NEVER happen! The pen is mightier than the Imposter!

Monday Askins, who’s birth name is Laurinda, which is the name she’ll be going by in this sequel, has rattled a few people. She is now a recovering alcoholic who claims to have her life together, with the help of a millionaire business man named Drew Warren, and she vows to now get her daughter, Fonda, back. But Makkai isn’t having it. So yes, she’s been up to a lot, with a lot more to be seen.

SSK:  How do you do to motivate yourself to write?  Do you have a special formula that works for you?

MM:  Deadlines motivate me to write, actually. There’s something about a looming deadline that kicks me right into gear. My formula is to first, write an outline. I spend time getting to know my characters, and I assign them scenes, much like a stage play. Once I have a writing road-map that gives me an idea of where they’re going, I’m more motivated to sit down and get them there, but they don’t always end up where I thought they would. That is one of the best things about writing. The destination can be a mystery. You surprise even yourself!

SSK:  Interesting.  I can see a deadline being a motivator!  lol…Tell us about some of your other titles.

MM:  I write women’s fiction, mainly relationship-type novels. I’ve written these type of stories: older women falling in love with younger men and how fatherly abandonment can affect our love lives in May December Souls, a wife with cervical cancer and a broken marriage in The Six-Letter Word, best-friends who cheat with each other’s sons and fathers in Turnabout is Fair Play, self-image issues and a nip-tuck in Morgan’s Makeover, a woman who physically abuses her police officer husband in Something He Can Feel, and more. I love to write fiction-friction, with issues that go against the grain and make people a little uncomfortable, yet hopefully ones that readers are unable to put down.

SSK:  Fiction Friction…well alright now!   What can readers expect next from you?

MM:  I have a series of Erotic City books under my pen name, PYNK, which come out every six months through the end of 2014, and then in 2015 I plan to write the final book in the Hot Boyz trilogy, called L.A. Husbands and Wives. I might write a non-fiction book along the way that will teach men and women how to be romantic.

SSK:  Is there anything else you’d like to share?

MM:  I’d like to share that it is very important for readers to tell someone about the books they are excited about, have read, and/or are about to read. Word of mouth is so important to authors, as well as reviews. Actually, reviews are word of mouth. We need your support, especially nowadays.

SSK:  How can readers contact you?

MM:  Readers can contact me via my website, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Facebook:  Marissa Monteilh Author Page

Twitter:  DivaWriterMM


Thank you Kimyatta, my fellow author, for this interview, and for all that you do to support authors. You are a literary gem!

Aww…Marissa…you’re welcome!  Literary gem!  I love it!

So…go ahead and get your copy of You’ve Got It Bad….if you haven’t read Dr. Feelgood…check that out too!


Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


6 thoughts on “So…Marissa…You’ve Got It Bad!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog interview with Marissa . I can’t wait to receive my copy of You’ve Got It Bad . Thanks for spreading the word. I love her work and the author for the wonderful woman she is.

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