So…we’ve all had ’em…you know…awkward moments…no matter who you are or what you’ve done…you’ve had AT LEAST one!

Well…awkward moments seem to follow me wherever I go…so..I just wanted to share a few of mine….

Awkward Moments in Exercise

1.  …when you’re listening to your music and you are jamming and realize you’re singing way louder than you should.  The guy on the treadmill next to you is trying not to lose his cool by laughing at you.

2.  …when your favorite song on your walking mix comes on and you want to dance, but because you’re in the gym you suppress it, but still manage to jerk slightly to the beat to do “light” dancing.

3.  …when your favorite song on your walking mix comes on and you dance anyway, but forget that you’re on the treadmill, so you look REALLY funny doing it.

4.  …when you try to walk in time to the song you hear, only to find out it’s MUCH faster than you’re ready to handle, so you have to skip that song.

5.  …when you decide to clap and step to the beat, but somehow you miss the belt on the treadmill and hit the side, and you promptly fall off.

6.  …when you are walking outside, down a hill and suddenly the song that comes on makes you want to dance…like those girls in the front of a Historically Black College’s marching band…(y’all know who I’m talkin’ about…The Passionettes?)

7.  …when you stop to stretch and bend over…your derriere is in the air and on one side, you see no one, but when you turn to the other side, there’s someone watching…in amazement…(WHATCHU LOOKIN’ AT?)

8.  …when you are walking outside, and stop take a breath and someone stops to ask if you need a ride.  (I’m workin’ out here!  Get outta here!)

9.  …when you are walking outside, and you’re singing to the top of your lungs and dancing with your eyes closed, then open them only to see people walking toward you grinning…(WHAT?  You’re just mad because my workout is more fun!)

10. …when you ask the podiatrist if the cortisone shot he gave you will prevent you from running tomorrow and he almost gets whiplash looking back at you to see if YOU asked that question…(I really wanna know!)

11.  …when you sprint at intervals during your walk and people look to see if you’re running from something.

12.  …when you realize…you really don’t care what other people are thinking…you’re feeling that rhythm whether from the music or just a good exercise beat and you’re getting healthier. that last one isn’t awkward…but it sure feels good!  I see all kinds of things and people when I’m walking.  I’m always irritated though when folks want to stop and hold a conversation!  Excuse me…I’m trying to keep my heart rate up…either come walk with me or shut the heck up!

So…the next time you see a fat chick walking, running, dancing and/or singing, whether in the gym, on the street, in the rain or at the park, if you’re not going to get beside her, don’t judge…just pray that she keeps it up.  Shoot her a thumbs up even.

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


9 thoughts on “So…Awwwwkweeeerrrrrd!

  1. Lol!!! Too funny! I can relate to some. I’d have to add being on the treadmill watching Two and a Half Men or Ellen and LOL like I’m at home!

    • Lol…see…I can’t watch tv…I usually want to read…but I can’t on the treadmill or walking outside…so…my music is it! Sometimes…that West African in me wakes up and I feel those drum beats….I gotta move! Imagine the Passionettes marching…or doing that parade walk to Declaration (This Is It!) by Kirk Franklin. That’s how I feel like walking…going downhill. Too funny…hand on hip…fancy walk…oh em gee!!!!

      • LOL! Hilarious! I found out last week I can read on the treadmill if I slow my pace. That helped especially since I was just getting back to exercising.

  2. Girl! This is too funny.

    #6 Is me! I have been running before and realize I was almost pimp running to the beat. I had someone ask me one day, what are you listening to because what ever it is, I want to listen to that kind of music!

    #9 Was doing that walking through a parking lot and realized I’d walked several yards and someone was in front of me who wasn’t there before. I know I can’t sing. At. All.

    #10 Yep and I was like “What?” You trying to say I’m too old, too fat or is this racial?

    • Number 10…girl..the doc and the nurse bout snapped their heads off trying to see if I was serious. I was participating n a fitness program and the next day we had a competition. Some of them required us to run..girl…that was the funniest thing I ever saw. I burst out laughing. Then I explained why I’d asked. They both turned red!

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