So…You’re 18 again!

So…today is my best friend’s birthday. She is 18 again!!!

Once upon a time, a girl named Kim met a girl named Karen in sixth grade. Kim thought Karen was a snooty rich girl. Karen thought Kim was a goody two shoes. They avoided each other and had no idea what waited for them just the next semester.

I constantly heard people say, “are you Karen?” or “you look like Ms. McWhite’s daughter. Is that your sister?” I didn’t like her the first day of school because way too many people asked me that question and I had not even met the girl! I even got in trouble a few times because I’m sure Mrs. Kuykendall or Mrs. King or Mrs. Cross SOMEHOW got us confused and somehow gave me an ‘NI’ in the “refrains from unnecessary talking” section on the report card. She was the popular one!!!! No me knew me enough to talk to me during class!

Well, at Valentine’s day, Karen’s mom sent us both carnations through the little school fundraiser and the note attached to mine said, “to my other daughter”. That single act opened the door to us talking. Once we started…we never stopped! Well…not for real…

We’ve been friends for nearly 25 years. We know where each other’s skeletons are hidden! It’s always great to have someone to help you keep your head on straight. We think the same thoughts! Well…sometimes…when I’m not thinking straight, she helps me get right.

One of the things I’ve always admired about my friend is that she believes she can do anything she set her mind to. When we were in high school, she KNEW she’d one day be a University of Alabama alum….and sure enough…she is!!! She also knew her occupation…and gosh darn it doo hickey to heck…she is doing the daggum thing! I’m so proud to call her friend. I’m humbled that she calls ME friend. I love that girl!

They say we look alike…well…I’m not sold on that. But we sure are close. I’m grateful to have met her and more grateful that we overcame our differences to be friends. The only friend I’ve had longer is my sister. So…I’m happy to call Miss Karen my wonderful sisterfriend. She rocks!

So…when she’s 99 and I’m 100…we’ll be sitting on the front porch…fussing at somebody’s great grandchildren to go get some tea or lemonade…we’ll not remember that we didn’t like each other at first…we’ll not remember the times one has let the other down…we’ll only remember that…well…she’s 99…and I’m 100…and we’re thirsty! BOY BRANG THAT LEMONADE!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata



5 thoughts on “So…You’re 18 again!

  1. Real funny. Its is amazing how both of you look like Kamaya in this picture. Also the real problem is that your Dads look alike. Something fishy!

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