So…Who Are You?

So…here is what you know about me….I’m a single mom…on a mission to get healthy and stay healthy. You know that I’m an avid reader (though I’m behind on my goal for the year) and I’m an author who LOVES music (India Arie is my favorite). That’s who I say I am. Guess what? That’s actually WHO I AM! I don’t try to be someone I’m not, just because others think I should be. I’m emotional. I care about people and things with ease. I empathetic and feel what others feel when they are overwhelmed with emotion. That’s just me. My actions show that. I put my daughter’s needs before my own. I walk five or more times a week even in the cold or rain (well..not if it’s TOO cold – I have alternatives) and cook most of my meals at home because I know I want to get healthy and I also know I’m on a budget!  I read as much as I can and I write!

Can you say the same? Do you say who you are and then act like someone else? I always hear people talk about fake people. I never really thought about it. When I see it, I just say that a person was disappointed by another human. I realized though..that there are fake people. There are those who purposely seek to deceive others. It’s a sad thing to say about us humans. It is unfortunate that you can barely trust most of us as far as you can throw us (and you know some folks are heavy!) It is always refreshing when you meet someone who is TRULY who they say they are.

This leads me to be confident when I say, that God is the only one you can trust fully, completely and without fail. Humans are just that. Humans. We’re flawed. Shamelessly FLAWED! Thankfully, we have a Savior who came to wash our flaws in His blood. When we’re disappointed by other humans, it is VERY hard to forgive them and look past them. But God forgives us as we forgive others. So…does that mean God should only forgive us part of the time or keep bringing up our flaws or past transgressions when we have asked for forgiveness or turned away from our sins? That’s how WE forgive, so that’s how God is gonna forgive us right? That’s what the Bible says. Good thing our God is merciful which is more than I can say for some of us.

When I started writing this post, I was somewhat angry because of being disappointed by another human. Truth be told, there’s no way to avoid it. If you put all of your trust in someone other than God, you’re asking for disappointment. It’s okay, God forgives and so do I. Oh but what a lesson in the process!

One of my sister writers, Gina Phillips Johnson, from The Motherhood Diaries, shared the following as a status today, it’s kinda long, but well worth the read.

When we pray for something and God answers our prayer the way we want Him to, we give testimonies and give God lots of praise. But when God’s will isn’t the same as ours and he doesn’t answer that prayer request the way we had hoped he would there are often times feelings of disappointment, sadness, and sometimes even anger. When we tell our friends the outcome of whatever it is, they respond with…”Oh no, I’m praying for you.” Or, “It’s going to be o.k. ‘All things work together for good’.” There’s nothing wrong with those responses at all. And our disappointment is a normal human response. However, after receiving some news that disappointed me I was struck with a thought. My prayer is that I will have so much faith in the will of my Father, that even though things don’t necessarily go my way in a situation, my first response will be to praise Him. After all, He’s worthy to be praised no matter what. I can rejoice in whatever His will is, even if it’s not what I originally wanted. Why? Because He’s good. Even when the situation doesn’t look good, I can rest in His loving arms, knowing that His will is perfect and best for my life. Lord, increase my faith and trust in You. Help me to trust you and rejoice in your goodness even when you say No. Even when I don’t like the outcome. Even when I’m nervous about how this chapter of my life will unfold. Help my joy to remain full, and my faith to remain unwavering. You deserve an “all the time” praise. Not a conditional praise when you give me what I want. Lord forgive me for being a spiritual brat, and help me to be a grateful child. Always trusting, always believing, and always praising you because you are ALWAYS worthy of my whole and complete praise! Thank you Jesus. You’re a GOOD God!!!!!!

So…in the midst of my disappointment, I’ll continue to praise God. I’ll not let the let down keep me down. If I do, am I any good to anyone? I’ve got work to do! So let’s get to it!

So…the next time you’re disappointed by a human, rap ‘em over the head with your big stick and say, “Asante sana squash banana. Wewe nugu mimi hapana” and keep it moving! (That means, “thank you very much, Squash Banana. You’re a baboon and I’m not!”)

Until Next time,

Hakuna Matata


4 thoughts on “So…Who Are You?

  1. I love your posts! I love your writing style. You have a talent…a gift of sharing how you think, feel, and act so eloquently. You always seem to pinpoint an issue that is so relevant and then you bring your readers back to the epitome of our existence, our God, our spirituality, our relationship with Jesus Christ! May you continue to do what you were created to do! God bless!

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