So…India Arie is the bees knees!

India sing

So…I’ve told you all before how India.Arie is my favorite musical artist.  She is absolutely beautiful!  Her music is soulful.  I can tell she puts her all into creating everything she brings forth.  If she doesn’t believe it to be her best, she won’t put it out.  She’ll postpone or whatever until she has perfected it to her satisfaction.

When I found that she was going to be coming to my area for a concert, I said…”I’m going to that concert.  I don’t know how, but I am going!”  Sure enough, one of my angels heard that and laid it on the heart of someone to coax me out of the house with a ticket to the concert.

It was one of my best experiences this year.  It was the second time this year I could truly say I was in my element.  The vibe in the place was so appropriate.  There was excitement all over the place.  Appropriately, it was held in the Cobb ENERGY Center. much energy there…

I absolutely enjoyed the company I had. There were 7 ladies all together. We were to make it a weekend but mommy duties let me off only long enough to go to the concert. I was accompanied by 6 other soul birds. We had a blast.

Unfortunately, the concert started late!!!! The opening act came out…unfortunately I don’t remember the fellas name…but he came out at 730. He was done by like 7:55. Then…..we waited..with sweat on our brows…songs on our hearts and wiggles in our hips…for AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES for THE Soulbird to emerge…when I tell you it was was rough. People do crazy things when they wait…we laughed…we talked…we fidgeted…we had to get some folks out of our seats!  There was this couple that misread their tickets and were causing some problems for folks because they were in the wrong seats.  Our lead soul bird Kerrie took care of it though!  “They need to see your tickets!” The man was mortified.  I think deep down he knew…he knew….

Anyway…I later found out that the reason the concert started late was because of the VIP experience.  I guess more people signed up to meet India than expected and the entire process took so long.

So!  She finally came on stage…and looked absolutely AMAZING.  The dress she wore was made by her mother and it was so fitting for the performance.  It was a true Songversation.  We laughed, we talked and felt her pain as she shared through words, pictures and videos what this journey has been for her.  She talked about her journey with love.  It’s been a process and how she finally arrived in a place where she understands love truly.  Guess what she said?  It starts with loving yourself!  HA!  Going to that concert was truly part of my process.

We sang and danced so much that night that I was truly on a natural high for the rest of October…and shoot….even now!  I can’t describe how I feel now when I listen to those five CDs…Each song means something different to me than it did before.  I used to think that knowing the lyrics to a song helped to understand it better.  But hearing her explain what she went through while writing the song or what prompted her to write it or what transpired to inspire the song…REALLY made me get it.  I really feel like I know her personally.  Knowing that Moved By You is about an experience with God changed the whole meaning of the song.  I mean…I liked it from the beginning, but when you hear what you perceive to be a love song…if you’re single, you immediately think about an ex who the song could apply to or you imagine the person you’ll sing that song to…but to find it’s a love song to God…makes me see it with new eyes…I can groove to it more.  It’s meaning is different.

I had a blast at this concert.  I felt like I was in a wonderful place.  I was among kindred.  That’s how I felt when I went to the National Book Club Conference back in August.  I was home.  I wasn’t ashamed to sing.  I wasn’t ashamed to dance.  I felt so free!  Kinda how India looks here.

India free

She is so gracious.  India has so many talented people in her entourage.  Her band, her stage folks…ALLA DEM!  Lol…at one point in the concert, her mother came out and sang…She was not afraid to let others shine and let every one of those talented folks have a moment in the spotlight.  I don’t know her personally but I feel that she is so genuine.  I can only imagine what it’s like to be her friend for real.  Thankfully, I have some real friends who are just as awesome!  We don’t fight for the lime light.  We’re all special in our own rights.  I had the pleasure of sharing the night with some of them.  Some were old friends like Kerrie, Devin, Dashia and Sunshine.  Others, like Janeika, Deidra and Stephanie were awesome to meet.  I had an absolutely AWESOME time with them.  At the end of the concert, we took this photo.  Can’t you see all that energy on us?!  When we got outside, they gave us souvenirs…we got cocoa butter lotion! Her love is like..cocoa butter on my heart! (that’s part of a song).   lol…

Soulbirds rise

I learned a lot about myself that night.  I was truly amazed that I could be this person.  This transformation has been at least 37 years in the making…(ha!)  Truly though…the last three years have been such a challenge but this last year, I’ve seen my healing…I was telling a friend how she “sat on my egg”…this concert was more of my incubation period.  The final stage even.  The Soulbird herself contributed to me being ready to break the shell.  That’s how special I am!  I’ll keep growing and picking away at this shell.

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


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