So…it’s a new season!

So…by now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’m moved by music.  I’ve said before that I wake up each morning with a song on my heart.  I also live my life by soundtrack…meaning…at any given moment…if you ask me to name a song…I can tell you what’s playing in my head.  If I don’t have a song…well…there’s something the matter!

Anywho…as I shake this shell off…I keep having new things revealed to me.  The other night at church, baptism was part of the service.  One of the songs we sing is called, It’s a New Season.  The lyrics we sing are simple…”It’s a new season.  It’s a new day.  A fresh anointing is flowing my way.  It’s a season of power and prosperity.  It’s a new season coming for me.”  To hear the whole song, click here and enjoy.  It’s sure to bless you!  But as we sang, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that THIS is a new season for me!  I believe that with it…a fresh anointing is coming!  Things I’ve not been doing or not been able to do are coming fresh on me.  New ability…new vision…new determination!  I’m excited.

My friend shared a sermon by Joel Osteen with me a few days ago.  It could not have been more on time.  It was called, Seeing Yourself the Way You Want to Be.  In line with this fresh anointing, I’ve realized that I haven’t visualized myself doing a lot of the things I’ve wanted to do lately.  I just haven’t.  Yeah, I hope and wish and pray really hard about them…but can I actually see myself doing it, being it….saying it?  When I was a student at Mercer University, I contend that the reason I didn’t graduate is that I did not see myself graduating from there.  As such, I did not complete my program of study.  Fast forward 8 years… Albany State University…from the time I enrolled until the day of my graduation…I saw myself standing on the stairs at the James H. Gray Civic Center holding a blue card with my name written phonetically so that I could hand it to the announcer to call my name correctly.  I saw it…I dreamed it…I knew that it would happen.  I was ready.

So, the dreams I have…the gifts I have…are waiting for me to use them.  I can see myself walking in that fresh anointing to use these gifts God gave me!  Donald Lawrence’s latest, The Gift, is speaking to me as well.  “The systems of the world will try to take your confidence but these systems were designed to make you doubt what heaven sent.  The systems of the world will try to take your confidence but these systems were designed to make you sit down on your gift.”  Light bulb!  So…if i sit and don’t do anything with my God given gifts…then…I’m not making God happy.  When you use what He gave you…and give it back to Him, He graces you with more of it.  It’s  compliment to Him!  I’ve been hearing that your gift will make room for you…now..I get it.  You’re not in a competition with what others who have the same gift as you…you’re there as part of a community of like folks…the way your gift works is different from how theirs works.  As such, don’t be afraid to get out there and do what you’ve been gifted to do!  Your gift…it looks good on you!  It’s yours…now go and give it back to Him…watch it grow…

Now…some of my gifts…I’m well aware of…because I use them….and I can tell how they’ve blessed other people when someone lets me know how a particular thing has changed them.  Others of my gifts, I’m getting to know.  At first, this part can be a little scary because it may be something new or that is so outside of your box, you’re trying to figure out why God chose you for it.  Don’t worry, in time, He’ll let you know just what to do with it.  You have to trust Him…and let’s not forget…CONSULT HIM….lol…(that’s called prayer…).  Some have been being developed for awhile…one in particular since I was a child…Now that I’m aware of it…I’m trying to see how God wants me to use it…because there are certainly ways to abuse it.  I just want to be able to make Him happy!  Compliment Him even!

Now…there are still other gifts that I’ve either not been given or haven’t considered a gift…so..yeah…praying God opens my eyes for things I’m missing.  Don’t want to sit on it!

So…I just want to encourage you to go after your dreams…they’ve been given to you for a reason.  Line up your desires with God’s…and man oh man…there’s nothing you can’t do!  When you start doing what God has purposed you to do…what He has gifted you to do…you’d be amazed at how that gift increases.  It truly will make room for you!

Your talentUntil next time,

Hakuna Matata


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