So…a lesson from fruit!

So…recently…The Girl’s school activity was selling oranges.  I bought some…which I hate doing because there’s  no guarantee that the fruit will be delicious.  But…hey…you do what you have to do for your kids…

Anywho….This morning, I picked up an orange and thought it to be a little squishy.  When I started peeling it, I discovered that the peel on this navel orange was VERY thin.  The first time my nail pierced the skin, I immediately hit the flesh of the orange.  I was puzzled because the oranges I peeled in days past had this incredibly thick peel layered over the thin but tough white layer to protect the orange.  I was thrown off because the white layer on THIS particular orange seemed to be missing altogether.  Now, peeling an orange is already messy, but peeling one with a thin peel and a seemingly missing layer was even messier.

When I finally finished peeling it, I took a bit of the juicy mess before me and was horrified to taste the fruit that was so unsweet.  No…it was not a grapefruit.  I mean…it was edible and I ate it…but it was NOT very pleasing to my palate.  It was icky even…so…you know how my mind works…the fruit with the thick peel was sweeter…much more palatable…tasty!  I thought about us…the people and how we are…Folks walking around with thin skin…feelings hurt easily…bruised…tossed about…they are bitter!  They have no thick skin to protect them from injury.

Those oranges that have thicker peels are sweeter and have fewer bruises and are protected.  As that relates to people, those with “thick skin” tend to be more pleasant, sweeter if you will.  They can take more bumps and bruises and continue on doing what they’re to do.  Often, these people with thick skin are from the same tree as those with the thin skin.  So, I have to wonder….why the difference?  What makes those with the thinner peels HAVE thinner peels?  Have they overstayed their welcome on the tree?  Were they too afraid to drop off during their prime?

I sincerely wonder if that is why some folks are bitter that way.  Could it be they didn’t drop off the tree when they were ripened?  Were they too afraid to hit the ground running?  Maybe some were waiting to be picked.  In the process though, were they hiding behind others too timid to jump forward and make themselves seen?  Sometimes we do need to stay on the tree a little longer, but other times, it’s up to us to get out there and start doing “it”…whatever that “it” is.  We can’t ALWAYS sit and wait to be picked.   Don’t be afraid.  You have to be willing to get a little dirty and might even hurt when we hit the ground, but you can’t let that stop you either.

Just a random musing after peeling an orange…got me to thinking about my own skin…I know I’m sweet on the inside….definitely know that…I believe I’m just ripe enough with skin thick enough to protect me after jumping out this tree…’bout to hit the ground rolling!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


7 thoughts on “So…a lesson from fruit!

  1. What a wonderful analogy. You know what we see on the outside is rarely representative of what is on the outside. We so often take this “skin” we are in for granted that we think less of how it protects us from others as well as ourselves. Great post and sorry about the orange!

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