So…Best of 2013 – Reading

So…as far as my life as a reader goes…this has been a FANTASTIC YEAR!  Upon the entrance of the new year, I knew that there were LOTS of books I wanted to read….I keep up with book releases like movie goers keep up with movie releases…I’ve already got a list started for next year’s books. I decided that this year..I’d get every book I wanted to read somehow or another.  And boy did I!  As time allowed, I was able to read…everything I wanted to.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with some GREAT people…many of them authors.  Years ago, when I could still afford them, I stopped buying books because I bought a book at 3 pm…and was done with it by 11 that evening.  Now…this was before I understood the importance of supporting authors and what not…but I was upset because it ended too quickly and I was thirsty for more.  I was seriously ANGRY!  lol…BUT…I still would go to the library and still support my authors that way…I continued to do so when I was no longer able to financially support my book habit.

Well in 2013, the library saw me less and less.  Free books started to come to me out of the woodworks!  And while like my friend Kiera, I did not win free books for a year, I seemed to get free books all year long!  I won a few contests which got me lots of books, then I started being asked to review books and was given review copies…I could not believe how I was actually able to read the way I wanted to still!  I felt soooo awesome….The mail man or ups guy surely got tired of seeing my name.  I certainly didn’t care if they did or not…I was getting my books and that’s all that mattered.

About the middle of the year, something happened though…and I realized…while I can’t go and buy EVERY new release I could make room in my budget for a new book every now and again.  So…I was able to go and get a few other titles that I didn’t win.  But when things were tight or I didn’t think I had the money, something else happened…I somehow had a credit on Amazon!  That lawsuit thingie…yeah…I didn’t even do anything and just ended up with a credit….yup!  Works for me!  Then, a few times, I was blessed with a real gift card to Amazon.

The best thing in books that happened to me this year though was a trip to the National Book Club Conference.  Of course, I got lots of books there and I was able to meet some authors.  I was in book nerd heaven!  My mom saw my photos from the event and said she could see the glee all over my face in every one of them.  This was really the place for me.  I felt so at home and among friends and colleagues.  I made some great connections, got some good information and most importantly…BOOKS!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

With all that being said…I must tell you of the best works of fiction I’ve read this year…

Here’s my disclaimer:  These are the best books KIMYATTA has READ….I haven’t read all of the ones I intended to read.  There are some that I wanted to read that I know would be in this list…but I haven’t taken the time to do so because of other obligations…and I’m actually kinda kicking myself!  UGH!  Anyway…here goes…

Parallel Pasts – Julia Blues.  Hands down…this is the best book I’ve read this year…I can’t say enough about it…Check out my review.

Never Say Never – Victoria Christopher Murray.  Get your tissues ready!  I don’t understand how something on paper can evoke THAT MUCH EMOTION from you…Awesome book…Here’s my review.

Dream Girl Awakened – Stacy Campbell.  At the end of the book…you can only say one word…which is uttered in pure disbelieve with your mouth agape.  This is my review.  I’d seen this book posted and talked about so much on Facebook..that I actually thought I owned it.  Imagine my surprise when I went to read it and couldn’t find it on my Kindle app!  I. WAS. THROUGH!  I dreamed about this book!  I had not written it on my list because the cover and synopsis were etched on the back of my eyelids.  When I finally read it though…I was NOT disappointed.

When Baldwin Loved Brendan – Electa Rome Parks.  Here’s another tear jerker…but it’s a quick read.  My review isn’t posted on this blog just yet…but gimme some time to get myself together!  Ms. Parks did something smart with marketing I think…on Facebook, she asked for a few people to promote the book.  We changed our profile photos for a month to the cover…then we posted the link at least twice a day.  Now…what was smart about this…is that the person posting built anticipation of the book..not only for others, but for themselves.  I was so daggum ready for this book to come out that when it came…I dropped EVERYTHING I was doing and read it in a few hours.

Deep Fried Trouble – Tyora Moody.  Very cute story.  If you like mysteries with an element of fun..this is your book.  My review is here.

Now…this is just my top five fiction choices.  The Motherhood Diaries is nonfiction and certainly one of my faves.  I believe this is one for the ages…

Now..there are some authors I discovered this year who had works that were outstanding….you should check them out as soon as possible!

Keleigh Crigler Hadley

Marissa Monteilh


Daphine Glenn Robinson

Tyora Moody (realized I have 2 more reviews to write for her books I’ve read this year!)

Iris Bolling

Sheryle Kiser Jackson

Marian L. Thomas

Sadeqa Johnson

Norlita Brown

Brian W. Smith

Raheim Brooks

Rhonda McKnight

There are also some books that were released this year that I own, but haven’t had a chance to read…

A Family Affair – Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Summer Rain – Cherlisa Starks RIchardson

Love After War – Cheris Hodges

Breaking All the Rules – Rhonda McKnight

Breaking All My Rules – Trice Hickman

Phew!  I could go on!  But I know only the book nerds like me have hung in this far…lol….

I also discovered blog talk radio and listened to authors talk about and read from their new books…You have to tune in to some shows…awesome stuff!  I never thought I’d get into radio where I wasn’t listening to music.

Anywho…this is my post about my books I’ve read over the year…I know that I left something out…but please charge it to my head not to my heart…y’all know I’ve got fingerprints on my brain!

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


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