So…I Can’t…

So…I feel like I’m going in reverse some days.  All the things I’ve done to improve myself seem to have been for naught.  I look at the scale…it’s going up.  I look at my walking app and I’ve only walked twice in 2014.  My vision board isn’t completed…my visual representation of my one (well two) word(s) isn’t complete.  I’m not eating the way I need to.  My book edits will never be done.  I just keep looking at all of this and thinking…just quit.  What’s the point?  You’ll have to do this for the rest of your life.  Why don’t you just quit??

Well…the fact of the matter is…I can’t…I can not…it’s impossible.  If I give up now…I will be stuck..forever.  I may not be fully aware of God’s purpose for my life…but I know that by working at the pieces that have been revealed to me…then I can eventually get to whatever it is I’m supposed to do.  No one said it was going to be easy.  That’s the beauty of perseverance.  You have to keep on keeping on.  That keeping on today might look like 3 inches, but tomorrow, it might be 16 miles.  My challenge to myself..and everyone is to do the very best you can each and every day.

If you look at yesterday and yesterday is STILL the best you ever did…then you haven’t worked hard enough today..(read that on a meme on Facebook…makes sense to me!)  Yesterday, the girl and I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Howard has been to space and all of his friends and his wife seem to think that he makes every conversation about him going to space.  While that was something big and important in his life, he is holding on to that one thing.  He isn’t even looking toward other things for his future.  He is also not currently working on anything to make it greater.  Now, I don’t know how exactly an astronaut tops going to space…but my point is, your big thing…shouldn’t be your only big thing…do something better.  Spread that knowledge to others…contribute.

Don’t be stagnant.  If you have a bad day…well…chuck it…If you wake up the next day..then you have another chance to get it right.  The biggest thing?  Don’t give up.  Don’t can’t.


Remove it from your vocabulary.  If you say you can’t do something…guess what…you’re right.  But do you really want to be?

And guess what??  My scale is going to go up and down..but that doesn’t make my weight loss journey any less significant.  My walking app and I…well..the two times I walked this year were this week.  Before that..I hadn’t walked in 3 weeks…but…I started again!  That’s what’s important.  My vision board…is it ever REALLY complete?  It’s ever evolving.  My one word piece…I’ll get it done…I know my word.  But I do want to have it in my face so that when I have days like this…when I want to quit, I’m reminded to push on.  Eating…well..good news…going to the grocery store tomorrow!  (gotta have the right stuff in the house to eat right…right?)…and my edits…yes…my happy go lucky blankety blank edits…I’m pushing through them…I’m going with the flow…because I know I wrote an awesome story.  I want it to be the best it can be before I make it public…SO…I press on!  What about you??

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata


19 thoughts on “So…I Can’t…

  1. Oh your edits WILL get done! Your friend, Melissa, will make sure of that! Great post! Quitting is not an option. Yep, even if I have to write work on vision board on my to do list every day.It will get done!

  2. I was glad to get to paragraph 2. You scared me for a minute. I agree wholeheartedly! If I had not taken can’t out of my vocabulary, you would not be here today.

  3. Great stuff, Kimyatta. Yes. You. Can. You can’t move forward and do when you’re busy looking back at what you didn’t do. Good job and happy grocery shopping. You will get there one stride at a time.

  4. Kimyatta, you aren’t on the journey alone. We’ll all keep pressing with you and remove that ole funky word can’t from our lips. Praying for you. Thanks for the inspiration.

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