So…Happy February!!

So…it’s the 2nd month of 2014!  How are you coming with those goals?  Everything going swimmingly?  Perhaps you need to revamp some just a touch.  Were some of your goals too ambitious?  Well, don’t give up.  Each day is a new opportunity…another chance to get it right.  You can do it!

Well, today, I’m writing to tell you that I’m doing something amazing over at Miss Read It All.  In case you didn’t know…it’s my reading blog.  I’ve moved my book reviews and author interviews there.  For the month of February, I’m planning to interview a different author each day.  Most will have book reviews attached.  I’m hoping to broaden your horizons.  Now…all of these authors are African American.  What better way to celebrate African American History month than with some heroes of the literary world!

So, go ahead…subscribe to Miss Read It All if you haven’t already.  There’ll be some giveaways.  Check out an author you’ve never heard of.  You’d be surprised!  It just might change your life.

Love to Read love To Write

Until Next Time,

Hakuna Matata


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