So…will you stop?

So…off on another walking adventure this morning. I get to my decided place to walk and start on the trail only to be bullied off by a very hungry caterpillar! It was huge! It was at least as big as my pinky finger! So…I surrendered the trail and decided to walk the parking lot. I discovered a sidewalk and decided to take it where it would lead me.

So I’m walking down the sidewalk. It ends so I turn around to go back. At this point I’m winded and when I saw where I have to go and that it’s uphill I thought, “somebody is gonna have to come pick me up and take me back to my car”. I realized though how ridiculous that sounded as I wasn’t injured or incapacitated. I just needed to keep going until I got back to my car. Then I had an epiphany! (I always have them when I walk. You’d think I would do it more often!) anyway. I thought…that’s how life is. Sometimes we are on a path and get tired. Worn out. Hurt. Ready to quit and call someone to bail us out but we shouldn’t. We just have to keep going. That’s the only way to get through life or to live…you have to keep going! If you stop and wait for someone to come get you, you’ll lose your momentum, you’ll waste time and you will miss all the good stuff along the way!

So…I kept walking. The hills would come. I trudged up them. Then they would level out. It would be great for awhile. Then I would get to a place where the sidewalk would end and I would turn around and find myself going up another hill. Then it would level out. The cycle kept repeating. I was finally back at my car. Winded. Feeling a mixed bag of emotions and just thankful to be done. I thought some more. Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt (India.Arie)…

Had I called someone to come get me…I would’ve missed out on some of the beauty around me. Wouldn’t have heard my favorite songs to make me feel better along the way…and I wouldn’t have gotten that great view of eye candy standing at the library when I got back! Lol. Okay….silly…but you get my point. When you give up…you miss out on the good stuff. No matter how big or small. So my words to myself and to you if you want to listen…don’t give up. I know I’ve had this conversation with me before….but anything worth it is worth repeating.

Until next time… 

Hakuna Matata


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