So…why don’t earthworms bury their dead?

The other morning I woke up in one of my moods…I did not care to exercise.  I wanted to quit.  I got mad because it should be easier to decide to take steps to be healthy…I just keep thinking…”Fit folks don’t have to do this!”  So, I wanted to give up…I go through this no alarm…All winter and much of April, I lamented about the weather preventing me from getting my walk on since my preferred method of exercise is walking through my fine town.  I get to see all the beautiful historic homes on my route and when I’m in for a long walk, I get to take in our historic downtown area.  Well how much nicer can you get with 58 degrees in the morning?  Yeah, I’ve been lazy. So…I pushed..and fought and fussed..and hemmed and hawed and all of that…then I got up and put my clothes on to walk.

Instead of staying in the neighborhood, I ventured out and walked towards downtown through the aforementioned scenery.  Part of this trip is on a sidewalk next to grassy areas.  This morning I noticed an alarming number of dead earthworms when I walked.  This completely and totally creeped me out!  It made my skin crawl.  I know…I know…they can’ t hurt me…but that doesn’t change how it made me feel.  Every now and then, I’d come across one that was still alive and was pushing through trying to get to its destination.  No matter how dehydrated, flattened or whatever it was, it kept trying it’s darnedest to get to wherever it was going!  I tried to scoot on past them but the lesson had already been taught.

I pressed on and finished my walk.  I didn’t make it all the way downtown…but I did manage to get my 40 minutes in at a decent pace.  The entire walk though, all I kept thinking about was those earthworms.  Those poor ones that were still on the sidewalk who lost their fight and the ones that were still struggling to make it.  I realized that the ones who continued to fight, even the hopeless ones with partially flattened bodies are fighting.  Do they know that their fight is hopeless?  Who knows, but I see their little wiggling selves trying and trying and trying.  That told me that no matter what, I should just keep fighting.  Keep hoping.  Keep moving.  Do. Not. Give. Up.

One of my challenges in my journey is not seeing many people who’ve had success starting from where I did.  When I do find folks who’ve lost as much weight as I have to lose, I only see their end result and their maintenance phases.  But I want to see where they started…their frustrations.  It’s hard to find their stories from the beginning.  When you stop seeing results, you get discouraged and it’s easier to just quit.  I guess I’ll be like the earthworm though…I’ll press through…and keep wiggling and pushing and trying to make it to my destination until there is no more breath in me.  Yep…that’ll do it…

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata

So…The Scale-a is a Li-YA!

So…The Scale-a is a Li-YA!

So…this weight loss journey is not for the faint of heart. Each and every day, a person on this journey has to overcome new obstacles. It is never just living.

In the month of March, my prayer partner and I fasted. One of the things I prayed about on the fast was making my weight loss journey more automatic or at least something that wasn’t such a big fight each and every day. For me, that almost always involves what I put into my mouth. So, the fast helped me to do that. It amazes me how much “stuff” is in the food we buy each day. We eat it without a second thought most times. I sincerely wish I didn’t have an aversion to farms, dirt and all that stuff, because I’d sincerely consider raising ALL of my own food!

ANYWAY…I said all that to say…my scale and I are not good friends…It LIES! I weighed on one Friday and the Monday that followed, my scale was EXACTLY ten pounds more than it was on Friday. I know that I did not for real gain ten pounds in 3 days. The culprit had to be water retention. So…as I examined my diet, I found that yeast had been the culprit of water retention…yup…I had not been eating things with yeast as ingredients and as soon as I did…my body retaliated and held onto water like a desert nomad! So…I’m working on that.

In the meantime…I’d like to celebrate some non-scale victories. You know…these are things that let you know that you’re making progress even when your scale says the opposite. Remember…your scale is just telling you about your relationship with gravity…lol.

So…here’s what I’m celebrating. Since last May (since that’s when I started writing about this journey), I have gone down 4 pants sizes, 3-5 shirt sizes (depends on what sizing chart you’re using…) and 3 dress sizes.

I’ve also mastered walking 3 miles without stopping. I’ve also reached the 5K distance. I participated in a Breast Cancer Walk with some friends and the coordinators told us that it was a 3.5 mile walk and I was so nervous! I walked with my friends, and it only ended up being 3.1 miles. I walked the whole way and slowed down only to pick up a bottle of water.

In the moments leading up to the walk, my friends and I had photos taken. In one of the photos, Kerrie suggested that we take one jumping. My first thought was, “Lord, everyone else is gonna be off the ground and I’ll just have bent knees with my feet on the floor.” I was so very distraught at the thought but I decided to give it a good try….and low and behold…I JUMPED! Like…I have evidence…on the photo, there is a shadow beneath my feet! So…what’d I do? Did I celebrate with cake?? Nope…I went and bought myself a jump rope.


Photo is the courtesy of Hyacinth Wright (an AMAZING photographer…and all around wonderful person…)…

I also came across some amazing recipes that are flavorful and introduced me to some healthier eating that don’t make me feel like I’ve missed anything. Yum…yum..and yum!

I’ve also been keeping my blood sugar in check, blood pressure down and I found out yesterday that my cholesterol is down since February! Wooo hooooo!!! Dancing…dancing….DANCING! I’m doing alright…

Now…the next victory I’ll celebrate will be finishing an “official” 5K in record time. I reached my fastest walking time and it was a 19 minute mile. So, I’m interested in decreasing that time. I also plan to increase my distance. Back when I was seeing Dr. Him, he made the snide comment, “well, you’d lose a lot of weight if you walked 5 miles a day.” At the time, I could barely walk 1 mile. HA! If he could see me now! It’s been nearly a year since I last visited that practice with Drs. Him and Her. Considering the diabetes diagnosis, I figured I’d have at least been contacted regarding an appointment…but erm…uh…no! Ah well…I probably wouldn’t have answered their call anyway.

So…while my scale is holding steady with the same number from two weeks ago, my body, my actions and my internal systems are telling a different story. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m so on my way to where I should be! That’s exciting. The end of the month, I’ll be weighing in for the final time for a challenge I took up with a local hospital called Get Healthy West Georgia. The goal is to have lost 10% of my weight from the initial weigh in. Let’s see!

Until Next time,

Hakuna Matata

So…Paint Albany Pink – Walk for Breast Cancer

So…Paint Albany Pink – Walk for Breast Cancer

albany pink

Hey all…I know it’s been awhile.  April is the month you want to watch for!  This post though is for something different…

I’ve registered to walk in the Albany Pink Walk for Breast Cancer on March 22, 2014.  This is a cause important to me, and I will be walking in honor of my cousin Ashley Frink, friends Devin Walker, Crystal Brown Tatum and Sharon Williams.  I’m also walking in memory of my aunt Diane Dillard.  Proceeds of this walk will remain local to my hometown of Albany, Georgia and benefit patients of Carlton Breast Center through the MaryLynn Mason Endowment Fund.  You can learn more at when you join the fight.

Would you please consider joining me in this fight against breast cancer?  A donation of any size is welcome. You can download the form here and mail the donations directly to:

Albany Pink

c/o Albany Motorcars

805 E. Oglethorpe Blvd

Albany, GA 31705

Please make checks payable to Phoebe Foundation.  Our team name is 31 Miles.

You can also make payments to me via paypal at  Include your information and I’ll complete the donation form for you.  Your contribution is tax deductible!  Every dollar can help change someone’s life!

So…Happy February!!

So…it’s the 2nd month of 2014!  How are you coming with those goals?  Everything going swimmingly?  Perhaps you need to revamp some just a touch.  Were some of your goals too ambitious?  Well, don’t give up.  Each day is a new opportunity…another chance to get it right.  You can do it!

Well, today, I’m writing to tell you that I’m doing something amazing over at Miss Read It All.  In case you didn’t know…it’s my reading blog.  I’ve moved my book reviews and author interviews there.  For the month of February, I’m planning to interview a different author each day.  Most will have book reviews attached.  I’m hoping to broaden your horizons.  Now…all of these authors are African American.  What better way to celebrate African American History month than with some heroes of the literary world!

So, go ahead…subscribe to Miss Read It All if you haven’t already.  There’ll be some giveaways.  Check out an author you’ve never heard of.  You’d be surprised!  It just might change your life.

Love to Read love To Write

Until Next Time,

Hakuna Matata

So…Uninvited – A Poem by Sunflower

So…Uninvited – A Poem by Sunflower


A Poem by Sunflower

Get out.

You’re not welcome.

Don’t come back.

Keep your “I’m sorry”.

Keep your “I need you”.

Keep your “I love you”.

That’s not going to make it better.

I don’t believe you.

Stay where you were.

Eat what she cooked.

Don’t make the recital.

Don’t come to the party.

Forget my phone number.

Forget my address .

Forget my birthday.

Forget our anniversary.

Our expiration date has been reached.

top sunflower

So…I Am – A Poem by Sunflower

I am – A Poem by Sunflower

I am beautiful
I am wonderful
I am creative
I am loving
I am spiritual
I am light
I am soul
I am free
I am everything I need to be
I am mother
I am wife
I am daughter
I am sister
I am friend
I am lover
I am fighter
I am author
I am everyone I need to be
I am pressing on
I am moving on
I am dreaming on
I am running on
I am singing on
I am writing on
I am keeping on
I am seeing on
I am doing everything I need to be
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I am above and not beneath
I am no longer a slave, but an heir
I am more than a conqueror
I am healed by His stripes
I am justified and redeemed through faith by His grace
I am called according to His purpose
I am planned to prosper, have hope and a future
I am everything He said I should be
top sunflower
So…I Can’t…

So…I Can’t…

So…I feel like I’m going in reverse some days.  All the things I’ve done to improve myself seem to have been for naught.  I look at the scale…it’s going up.  I look at my walking app and I’ve only walked twice in 2014.  My vision board isn’t completed…my visual representation of my one (well two) word(s) isn’t complete.  I’m not eating the way I need to.  My book edits will never be done.  I just keep looking at all of this and thinking…just quit.  What’s the point?  You’ll have to do this for the rest of your life.  Why don’t you just quit??

Well…the fact of the matter is…I can’t…I can not…it’s impossible.  If I give up now…I will be stuck..forever.  I may not be fully aware of God’s purpose for my life…but I know that by working at the pieces that have been revealed to me…then I can eventually get to whatever it is I’m supposed to do.  No one said it was going to be easy.  That’s the beauty of perseverance.  You have to keep on keeping on.  That keeping on today might look like 3 inches, but tomorrow, it might be 16 miles.  My challenge to myself..and everyone is to do the very best you can each and every day.

If you look at yesterday and yesterday is STILL the best you ever did…then you haven’t worked hard enough today..(read that on a meme on Facebook…makes sense to me!)  Yesterday, the girl and I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Howard has been to space and all of his friends and his wife seem to think that he makes every conversation about him going to space.  While that was something big and important in his life, he is holding on to that one thing.  He isn’t even looking toward other things for his future.  He is also not currently working on anything to make it greater.  Now, I don’t know how exactly an astronaut tops going to space…but my point is, your big thing…shouldn’t be your only big thing…do something better.  Spread that knowledge to others…contribute.

Don’t be stagnant.  If you have a bad day…well…chuck it…If you wake up the next day..then you have another chance to get it right.  The biggest thing?  Don’t give up.  Don’t can’t.


Remove it from your vocabulary.  If you say you can’t do something…guess what…you’re right.  But do you really want to be?

And guess what??  My scale is going to go up and down..but that doesn’t make my weight loss journey any less significant.  My walking app and I…well..the two times I walked this year were this week.  Before that..I hadn’t walked in 3 weeks…but…I started again!  That’s what’s important.  My vision board…is it ever REALLY complete?  It’s ever evolving.  My one word piece…I’ll get it done…I know my word.  But I do want to have it in my face so that when I have days like this…when I want to quit, I’m reminded to push on.  Eating…well..good news…going to the grocery store tomorrow!  (gotta have the right stuff in the house to eat right…right?)…and my edits…yes…my happy go lucky blankety blank edits…I’m pushing through them…I’m going with the flow…because I know I wrote an awesome story.  I want it to be the best it can be before I make it public…SO…I press on!  What about you??

Until next time,

Hakuna Matata