Sooooo since the author of MY blog is apparently missing…I’m gonna share with you my daughter’s blog….

Kam Says Hi



This week I have decided to talk about relationships because I have noticed that am always helping people with their relationships and their problems within it. I’mma give a lil bit of advice on here

Before i say anything, let me just say

  1. I am not a professional.
  2. I am not allowed to date. 😛
  3. and…I am only using typical problems.

here goes nothing……….

  • DO NOT go looking for someone. The right person will come to you.
  • People will say things you may not like about your relationship. Who cares what they say. Happiness is all that matters.
  • If you find yourself falling for another person, choose the second one because if you really loved that first person you wouldn’t fall for the second one
  • Don’t show off your new relationship. You’ll look stupid telling everybody that you just started dating and you guys have 3,000 things in…

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